Expect Better

As my last few posts have been fairly weighty, I thought I’d go with a lighter fare today. Sometimes one needs a dark, bold roast and other times one simply wishes to enjoy a lighter brew of beans. Both are good and certainly have their place in any coffee drinker’s life.

On the subject of coffee, my wife and I discovered something about ourselves earlier in the week. I mentioned when I began this blog that we cannot really consider ourselves coffee connoisseurs because we simply do not have the money to travel the world sampling the best coffee that various nations have to offer. (Although, we certainly appreciate people like Hugh Jackman who are able to do that for us. Have you tasted his Laughing Man brand coffee? Go get some immediately after reading this blog.) However, despite our lack of capital, my wife and I happily accept the mantle of coffee enthusiasts. In addition to that label, it seems that we have earned ourselves another badge.

As we were walking through Sam’s Club the other day, we came across the aisle with the coffee. As we passed by two well-known brands, my wife and I both scoffed at them. As we proceeded on, I had an epiphany and turned to my wife and said, “Oh. I believe we have both ascended to the level of coffee snobs!”

Yes, my friends, regular coffee just doesn’t do it for us any longer. We enjoy going out to various places that sell whole beans so that we can bring them home and grind them and sample new and rich flavors. Our taste and appreciation for coffee has expanded over the years. In fact, my daughter once worked for a particular coffee house and one day I noticed that they had a little quiz set out for patrons. There were several different types of beans on display and the challenge was to match the brew to the bean. The only senses one could use were sight and smell. I was quite pleased with myself when I got them all correct.

When I say that my wife and I have become coffee snobs, I do so with a bit of tongue-in-cheek. As I said, we have simply expanded our palate for coffee. We expect better than what we once accepted in our lives. Therein lies the life-lesson; as we continue on in the journey of life, we should be expecting better of ourselves as time goes on. What was once acceptable in our attitudes and behaviors should eventually be scoffed at as rather pedestrian. We should not settle for just “better than is used to be”.

It might interest you to know that God holds better expectations for us the longer we live and the longer we walk with Him. In the Book of Hebrews chapter 5 verse 12, there is a disappointment voiced to that particular group of disciples for their lack of growth. It reads, “For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of God; and you have come to need milk and not solid food.” The problem with these particular believers was that they had grown a little, but then settled on a plateau and lost the drive to climb higher. The admonition to them was that there was far more to be gained and that they were, in fact, missing out!

My encouragement to you today is to expect better of yourself than where you have reached thus far. Do not grow weary in your quest of becoming more. If you are a disciple of Christ, I can guarantee you that you have plenty of room for more growth. Our goal is to be conformed to Christ. That, my friend, is more than a lifetime’s worth of growing.

One might suggest that this particular blog post would be better suited for the beginning of a new year. I respectfully disagree. Why do we relegate personal challenge and growth to the start of a new year alone? We can choose to press ahead at any point during the year. My admonition to you is to do that very thing now! Do not settle for where you are at because it is better than where you once were. Press ahead and discover how many richer levels in life are to be had.

Until next time, may your coffee and contemplations be rich and fulfilling.


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