My name is Tim Halbig and I am the lead pastor at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Abington, PA. I did not grow up in church. In fact, by the time I graduated high school, I was atheist. The thing about my atheism was that I wasn’t militant about my disbelieve in God nor was I afraid to have conversations with those who did hold a religious faith. I openly spoke with people of faith and considered their points because I was secure in my disbelief. I believed I was right and enjoyed when unknowledgeable people confirmed my position.

However, not all people of faith that I encountered were naive. Some knew exactly why they believed in God and because I wasn’t afraid to explore information and dig deeper than the surface I went on a journey that brought me to the conclusion that I was in fact wrong the entire time. God was real! I simply did not have enough faith to believe otherwise. The facts all pointed to the truth of the Bible, of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ in particular. Both my wife and I gave our hearts to Jesus Christ and have experienced an amazing journey together ever since.

The purpose of this blog and it’s title is stated in my first post. My hope is that you will relax with a cup of coffee (or tea or cocoa if you haven’t yet embraced the joy of coffee) and pause for a laugh or a bit of contemplation in your week. Welcome to my virtual cafĂ©! (BYOC – Bring Your Own Coffee)